I like what JJ Couey is doing.

There are two answers: not virus at all, 'twas all pfake. And yes, its a real virus, a real disease, not really a problem, don't listen to the deniers.

I am in the no virus side. But JJ work is very important. Keep the debate alive. Admit the problems of the offivial version. Offer improved theories. This keeps the conversation going, and that is good for everyone.

Doctors like easy answers that give them power: it is a virus, it is my business, it's not politics, so shut up and obey me.

People like me, not a doctor but with a keen interest in not getting killed, also like simple answers: you doctors are all idiots or sold out bastards to power, there was no virus, our rights were attacked to harm us, and we can restore our rights by demolishing the false science of virology.

Given that the medical freedom movement is infiltrated, and given that all doctors admit by now that this was more political than scientific, and given that they won't give up germ theory yet, I think both sides need an approximation and some rational mutual concessions, to keep fighting against the Perpetrators.

I think the strength of the MFM relays on the disunion and the dissent about everything. It's a paradox.

If Kennedy becomes a political leader and speaks clearly, their side of the movement will grow. Newcomers will be surprised that there is a vociferous opposition. They will attack, because that is what newcomers do. Then the no-virus side will grow too. And the MFM will grow even more.

If this thing catches more momentum, the System will attack. That is when we win.

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"we can restore our rights by demolishing the false science of virology."

For the record, the deep and detailed examination of the virus, including how it was altered in a lab, using Baric's 'no-see-um' approach but still clearly altered, tells me there absolutely is a thing called a virus. But that aside...

The virus was created for the vaccines, not the other way around. And then you have to ask, what were the vaccines created for? My own view is they were created for the same reason that "Global warming" was created, and which over time had to change to "Climate Change" as it fizzled out and the lies and distortions have been revealed.

As the public began to reject the Warming bullshit they doubled down on it but gave us a new bogeyman, The Virus. If you were able to somehow overcome the mountains of evidence that viruses are very real, they'd just slide onto the next project, such as AI and cyber currencies.

So what are all these projects for?

Total control and enslavement of humanity.

But hey, sock it to em champ! 'Prove' all the patents and pointers, money and paper trails revealing how C19 was created on purpose don't matter, cos none of it exists, right?

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"mountains of evidence"


Tell me even one little pebble of evidence that has not been debunked.

Even David Martin admits this virus ain't real.

We were all had for too long!

Now, the trickery used for this more than 100 year old scam is really something else. Monster of Jekyll Island level of sophistry. Most people will always be spell-bound by the myth of virology. It's so easy and so difficult at the same time.

They even had to attack the entire foundations of epistemology to provide support for the Big Lie.

I don't know if you can be converted, but think about this: all viral diseases are actually about intoxication. The infection/contagion story was devised to cover up the real problem, because it is a crime to mass poison people even by accident.

It is horrible to think it has been happening all the time and most people were completely blind. Contagious diesease is the materialistic version of the demons of religion always attacking people and making them sick. Virology was a new lie for a new generation of humanity. And we fell for it.

The mass intoxication by accident is in fact a mass violation of the NAP, and lying about it makes it even worse, because it is misinformation that prevents people from protecting themselves.

Not only they attack our fundamental rights with the lie of the virus, they also attack our bodies with the reality of the toxins whose existence they obfuscate with pseudoscience. Virology is pure irrationality.

But I repeat: we will be confused about this for a while longer. Patience.

Peace bro!

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Agree the Dr. Paul Alexander, PhD and Jonathan Couey video is excellent. Encapsulated so well what many of us have been trying to get across for over three years and counting.

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